Why be a chalet girl?

I keep being asked the same question over and over again.

Why did you want to do a ski season?

I passed my interview almost a year ago now, surely I don’t need to wander down that path all over again.

That being said, it has made me think.

Why do I want to do a ski season?

Why am I doing a ski season??

I am not out here to find my “chalet girl” rich man who pays for me to go on helicopter picnic days out (although that would be nice), I am not here to “find myself” or any of that rubbish, and I am most certainly not here to start a career in the world of chalet hosting – no, this game is a young mans sport for sure.

The reason I am here is plain and simple. I am here to prove to myself that I can be here. Not anyone else; myself.

Pretty much, as you will all know, my absolute pet hate is swearing. I always promised myself that I would never swear on this blog, but pretty much (pardon my French – I am in france after all) frigidy frig the haters.

And by haters I mean those who didn’t believe that I could do this. Those who don’t understand why I may find it more difficult than others. And those who think that I should change who am I to suit who they are.

I’m young(ish), I’m single and I’m free for the first time in over four years. I am going to live my life how I want to live it, and I know from experience that it is not going to please everyone. Yet I also know from experience that living my life is what makes me happy.

So that was my rant, and now I’ve got it all of my chest I wanted to share one more thing with you.

Over the past few days I have been bed bound with some sort of horrible French flu, never heard of it before, but I’m telling you, it is not pleasant. It was during one of these lonesome hours that I realised that there was something missing. It took me a while to realise what that something was, and then I realised; it’s writing.

And so I have decided that I am going to start to blog again. I’m not going to promise that it will be weekly, or that I will surpass every tiny detail of my life down on paper; but what I am promising is to give an insight into what it is like, not only living with a brain injury, but living with a brain injury as a chalet girl. 

And in the meantime have a look through my photos, as they do say, a picture tells a thousand words…..


5 thoughts on “Why be a chalet girl?

  1. Your pain (flu) is our gain. Please keep blogging, however often or how much content, as you feel happy with.
    Reading this was like catching up with an old friend. Embrace life in whatever way you want, your happiness is important

  2. I hope your feeling better! I know what your saying I had family and friends who didn’t want me getting back on motorcycles or to ever try wake boarding again but I’m so glad I ignored them and got out and explored life again. Keep up the good work and enjoy yourself over there.

  3. I’m delighted I kept this to read and hope you’re feeling a lot better now.
    The photos are fab and well done you for following what YOU want to do. Enjoy it and be sure to keep writing!

  4. I love your blog Liz and Im delighted youve decided to continue it. Your photos are amazing!! I’m so thrilled that you’ve been able to go out there and enjoy yourself and do this for you. God knows you deserve it after everything youve been through!! To hell with the begrudgers and those who dont have a clue about what its like to live with a brain injury or for that matter nmda. I know its different for everyone but just know youre an inspiration. You go girl is all I can say xxx

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