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Having a rare brain disease has lead to a fair amount of media attention. Whilst there have been draw backs to this, which I discuss in my ‘media mania’ blog post, it has also been a great way to raise awareness about encephalitis and the effects that it can have on both the sufferer, as well as family and friends.

Here is a brief overview of my time in the spotlight!

It all started with an interview over the phone which was posted in The  Daily Mail back in April 2013:

and then it was quiet for a while until they decided they wanted to do another piece at The Daily Mail in October 2013:

this ended up causing an influx of people wanting to get in on the action, with a similar article being done The Times. Then we got a phone call from the BBC asking me to be on BBC Breakfast the following day:

which lead onto more trashy mags to finish off a very busy 2013, Pick Me Up gave it’s own sensationalised spin:

by this point I had had enough of the media and therefore left it down to the mother to say her piece in the ever classy Woman Magazine in January 2014:

then in the March I found another article, rewritten and less sensationalised in Real Life:

and then by far my favourite, The Herald, and I think The Western Morning News in May 2014:

which has then lead onto the opportunity for me to be able to write a weekly column in the Sunday Edition of The Western Morning News which I have been doing for over 2 months. My column is titled ‘Living life with a brain injury’ and it is a great opportunity to raise even more awareness about encephalitis and the difficulties in living with an acquired brain injury.

Living life with a brain injury column in The Western Morning News

Living life with a brain injury column in The Western Morning News

(Before you say anything, yes I do realise that they titled the first article “Brain disease is not the end of the world” – it has been changed now!)

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