Useful facts

I thought it was important to compile some ‘facts’ together.

Suffering from a brain injury of any description can lead to questions; I hope to be able to help answer some of these questions for you.

Whilst I am not a medical expert in anyway, shape or form I am somewhat an expert in knowing what it is like to have been through and to have to live with a brain injury, in particular anti-NMDA-r encephalitis.

Having a GP as a mother, doing a degree in Psychology (here is the proof)liz-graduation-blog and then becoming a regional representative for The Encephalitis Society has allowed me to be fortunate enough to gain quite a deep understanding into much of the medical jargon that having such an illness can throw at you. Rather than sitting back and allowing the terminology to float over my head I have tried my best to keep asking and searching for a way to understand what has happened to me.

Having an inquisitive mind has enabled me to keep hunting for answers, and I hope to share some of these with you.

I will just reiterate one more time, I am no health professional, merely a young lady who is trying to reach as many people as possible in the hope of one day just one person out there not having to go through what I have been through.

What is an ABI?

What is encephalitis?

Why did I get encephalitis?

When will I get better?

Where can I find help?

What is an autoimmune disease?

What is NMDA encephalitis?

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