What is encephalitis?

Anyone that has suffered from encephalitis will have their own way of explaining what encephalitis is.

Let me start by saying NO IT IS NOT WATER ON THE BRAIN!

water on the brain

I have come up with my own way to explain what encephalitis is.

The way to think of it is as a word. Although I never studied Latin when I was younger, I have found more recently that having some understanding of the Latin meanings is imperative when trying to decipher medical jargon.

Encephalitis, broken down.

It is made up of ‘encephal’ and ‘itis’.

Starting with the ending ‘itis’ means swelling or inflammation.

‘Encephal’ means brain matter.

Therefore ‘encephalitis’ means swelling or inflammation of the brain matter.

You have probably heard of tonsillitis, this is swelling on the tonsils, and probably even heard of tendonitis which is swelling of the tendon.

So, next time someone asks you what encephalitis is you can tell them, encephalitis is inflammation of the brain.

But why did you get encephalitis?


Disclaimer: This site is maintained by a brain injury survivor and not a medical professional. Although all efforts are made to ensure that content is factually accurate, the author is not responsible for how the information is used. If you have any concerns about your health, seek medical attention from NHS Direct, your GP or your local hospital, or in an emergency call 999.

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