When will I get better?

How long is a piece of string?

how long is a piece of string

Every person that suffers from encephalitis will have a different process of recovery, however, what must be remembered is that even when someone looks like they are back to normal on the outside they may still be struggling internally.

Personally, I have been in recovery for almost three long years, whilst I made huge leaps in learning to walk, talk and speak within days, it has taken months to relearn how to behave socially and I am still making stages in my recovery everyday.

One of the main aspects that I struggled with was social interaction, I had forgotten how to have emotions and to portray these to other people. Even to this day I still have problems with understanding other people and interacting in the correct way, I have also lost all my confidence and struggle to even ask a bus driver for a ticket.

However, just because this is the case for me this will most probably not be the case for most people.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone is different, therefore everyone’s recovery is different.

I wrote a little post about the long process of recovery last year: One step froward, two steps back

But, if you or a loved one are in the recovery process it is important to know where to go for help


Disclaimer: This site is maintained by a brain injury survivor and not a medical professional. Although all efforts are made to ensure that content is factually accurate, the author is not responsible for how the information is used. If you have any concerns about your health, seek medical attention from NHS Direct, your GP or your local hospital, or in an emergency call 999.



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