Where can I find help?

Sometimes you can feel completely alone. I even wrote a post about it called lost.

There are so many different places that you can go to help you feel less alone.

I have compiled together a list of some useful organisations which I have found of personal use during my recovery.

In particular, The Encephalitis Society have been a huge support. Being able to pick up the phone and call Jon or my regional rep to get advice, meet other sufferers at organised retreats, or be linked with another member through the connections scheme has enabled me to make huge steps in my recovery.

Another place to look for help is on the internet. Whilst someone that is in the early stages of recovery may find the whole computer world too much at first, being able to talk to other people that have been through something similar has played a key role in my recovery. From being in groups on Facebook to tweeting others to making new friends on Instagram; social media has enabled me to be in touch with a whole new group of people that ‘get me’.

However, there are some aspects of recovery that you need help with from people closer to home.

I have been lucky enough to have an incredible group of family and friends who have been thoroughly supportive throughout my illness, having people to care for you and give you strength is a very important part of recovery.

So, really, you can find help everywhere you look.



Disclaimer: This site is maintained by a brain injury survivor and not a medical professional. Although all efforts are made to ensure that content is factually accurate, the author is not responsible for how the information is used. If you have any concerns about your health, seek medical attention from NHS Direct, your GP or your local hospital, or in an emergency call 999.

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