Home sweet home

Sometimes I think it is important to take a step back and look at life. Nothing makes you think about it more than if you realise life isn’t a forever thing.

What would you do if you knew that the world was going to end tomorrow? Would you use your last twenty-four hours praying? Would you spend them in your favourite place? Would you make use of them spending time with your loved ones?

I know exactly what I would do.

I would spend them doing all of the above.

I was brought up as a Catholic girl, spending each Sunday sat by the alter, taking it in turns with my friend Holly to ring the bell. At a young age I had learnt the entire teachings of the bible and could recite my Hail Mary off by heart. I may not go to church every Sunday and pray for the forgiveness of my sins, but there is a part of me that will always believe in something that is more than the life we live. Something that makes everything that we do seem a little insignificant in the scheme of things. At times it has been difficult for me to keep my faith, so now I just try to envisage Christian values in everything I do, trying to spend my time helping others, which I believe is my purpose in life.

My favourite place is something that may seem a little strange to you. It is not the idyllic Caribbean island of Grenada where I have spent some of my favourite times. It is not at the top of a mountain in the Alps, breathing in the fresh air about to ski down in some fresh powder. My favourite place is the place that I have lived all my life. It is the one place that I have always known to be my haven. It is my home. This is the place where two of my siblings were born (in the room I now sleep in). Pengersek. My home.

I count myself extremely lucky in knowing that my loved ones constantly surround me. I do not see many of them as often as I would like, but I know that they are always there. In recent years it has become crystal clear to me that quality is better than quantity. I am not saying that it is not lovely having hundreds of friends and being constantly invited to parties and functions, but what I am saying is that having just a few people that you can trust completely and utterly is better. One of the best things about having gone through my ordeal is that I finally understand this and I can see people for who they really are. Anyone that is still in my life after the rollercoaster ride I have put them through is someone special.

So when I step back and look at my life I realise something rather special. I already have everything that I need. I have a purpose in life; a house I can call home and the people I love surround me.

HOME! Running on the moors