Summer is coming

I’m desperately hoping that I’m not jumping the gun when I say it’s starting to feel like summer is finally here. Knowing the bipolar nature of the British forecast I would not be at all surprised if we had a sudden influx of snow in the next couple of weeks, but for now my senses are leading me to believe that the sunshine is here to stay.

For the first time this year I sat contently in a park, watching the children screaming with glee, rushing back and forth on their bikes before making a sprint for the passing ice-cream van. I smelt the glorious aroma of tropical islands as I smothered myself from head to toe in sunscreen. And I even slipped under the cool covers and could feel the heat of the day radiating all around me, reminding me of the heat of the sun pouring down from above.

I’ve always thought of myself as a winter person. Snuggled down by an open fire with a mug of piping hot chocolate would be my idea of heaven on earth. But, there is something rather special about summer.

It seems to change people.

Summer smiles start to appear on faces. Like the sunshine beaming from the sky; everyone’s eyes start to glisten in the knowledge that the days are getting longer as summer gets closer.

The main reason I love summer is because of this change. People start to become more positive, myself included.

Whilst last week I was beyond excited at the prospect of finally being NMDA negative, this week I have taken my positivity in the other sense to a new extreme. Normally one that does not take rejection at all well (spending two entire days sobbing in bed when I failed my first driving test), last week I appeared to have turned the corner. After deciding that the time was right to start the tireless job-hunting route I managed to get myself an interview. Sadly I did not have the experience they were looking for. However, rather than wallowing in self pity for days I brushed myself off, headed out to do some commiserating circuits at the gym and started to apply for even more jobs.

But I am not the only one who seems to be affected by this weather.

Last weekend my friend Christina and I took it upon ourselves to make the most of this glorious weather and the general positivity that was surrounding us and embark on an adventure. We somehow managed to get our bikes positioned rather precariously onto the roof rack and set off into Exeter to have a day of cycling along the river. Pub lunch devoured, we mustered up the energy to cycle all the way to Powderham and back into the city centre, an impressive sixteen miles.

Along the way, everyone we passed seemed to be in high spirits; from the toddlers pedaling manically on their pink Barbie bikes to the young couples sauntering along the canal hand in hand. Each and every one of them had summer smiles on their face.

It truly does appear that summer is finally here.

 Liz and Christina bike ride bike ride christinaSome snaps from our bike ride

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