Internet bride

Stop the press.

It’s finally happened.

Someone has asked for my hand in marriage.

Actually, that isn’t quite the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but you get the gist.

Last week when scrolling through my Pinterest I came along a somewhat of an apt quote, so I did what all modern people of the now do and posted it to my Twitter feed.

The quote went something like this, with explicates taken out for the general population.

“It is perfectly okay and normal not to have your life together at 25.”

But what about at the ripe old age of 26 I hear you ask? Is it still ok then?

One new notification shortly appeared from a man I have not met in real life but have been in contact with through the means of the Internet. This sounds much more dodgy that it actually is.

“I’m 36 and still haven’t got my life together”

And so, of course, I reply asking if we should just get married. And it goes from there. First we decide upon a Devon marriage and which lead on to us choosing a Caribbean honeymoon. This entire relationship has gone from nothing to white dresses and wedding bells in less time than it takes to boil an egg

Of course, it’s not real.

No, I am not engaged.

No, there is no Prince Charming that has come to my rescue and swept me off my feet.

No, relationships like this do not exist in ‘real life’.

But what this has shown me is this. The Internet is a treasure chest of hidden fortune. In a similar way to Mike TV I am fascinated by what goes on through the electrical mechanisms that enables us to become someone else when we are sitting opposite that screen. Whilst it may not have yet allowed me to find the man of my dreams, being able to have a space where I can live in a fantasy world, even just for half an hour helps me to have more confidence in the real world.

Not only that, but the Internet allows people to be who they want to be. On Twitter I can be married to someone I’ve never met within a minute of striking up a conversation. In real life this would take months if not years of hard work and heartache.

I’m not saying that living in a fantasy world all the time is necessarily better, especially when you hear the recent statistics about how much time people spend on their phones rather than just living for the here and now. But what I am saying is that sometimes it’s nice to forget about reality and step into the world of the unknown.

Sometimes it’s nice to pretend; like when you played dress up as a child, but this time it’s with social media instead of fancy dress.

So, whilst I may not be officially engaged, I am closer to finding out who I really am through this world of imagination, and it is from there that I will hopefully, one day, find the man of my dreams.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 14.30.10

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