Who are you voting for?

I’ve been desperately trying to hide from something recently. Kind of like that feeling when you know you should really be doing something but you just keep putting it off and off.

It seems that I can’t get away with it any longer. You switch on the telly and they’re there, parading their Cheshire cat grins along with their colourful ties. You open the letterbox to find it full to the brim with promotional leaflets of carefully worded arguments that remind you of your GCSE English persuasion piece. Not to mention what happens when you go out for a meal with your friends. Whilst everyone sits there discussing the different aspects of the electoral build up, I am sat there oblivious to what it all means and to what extent my opinions on such matters should be heard.

I know it’s important to take an interest in who runs the country. I know I’m lucky to have the right to vote. And I’m thankful to all those who have suffered to allow me this freedom. But, if truth be told, politics bores me.

There are some questions that are just not appropriate to ask people. Whatever form of etiquette you abide to, asking a woman her weight is one of them. Another is asking who someone votes for. This always ends in that awkward silence, where the question asker suddenly regrets their decision in raising said topic.

This happened when I was out to lunch yesterday.  That uncomfortable quietness filled the room. At said luncheon it also became apparent that I did not vote in last general election. I’m not sure as to why; I was probably too busy sipping pimms in a beer garden at the time. But this year will be different. This year I am going to take the time to try to make the most of my freedom to vote. I am going to take this democracy malarkey by the horns and put that cross in that box.

In order to take this step I first need to determine whom I am going to vote for. I’m not sure about you, but this decision-making fills me with dread.

Therefore I’m going to keep this simple. For me the options all seem quite bleak. It feels a bit like a test where you have to choose between a, b and c, but you really want to answer d – none of the above.

You’ve got the Tories who suave around in their Range Rovers, with little to no understanding of the ‘everyday man’. The Labour misfits who are somehow promising to throw a vast amount of money at the NHS, but do not seem to know where the money will come from. Then there is the man who appears to be somewhat of a joke – going by the name of Nigel. And of course, we cannot forget the like of the Green Party along with the Monster Raving Loony Party.

Decisions, decisions.

At least one decision is made. On May 7th 2015 I will be taking myself down to the polling station and putting a cross on a piece of paper. Not because I have strong opinions about politics, but because I can.


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