Dating in Devon

Happy Valentine’s Day

My Broken Brain

My parents celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary last week. Thirty whole years married to the same person. Some may say that they have been lucky enough to find ‘the one’. Not only that, but I also went to my second wedding of the year this weekend. I appeared to be the only person there not to have found ‘the one’.


This got me to thinking.

There are 8 Planets,

196 Countries,

7 Billion and counting people,

and I’m single.

Not only am I single; I am single and living in Devon.


It is around this time of year that I really start to notice it.

You can’t seem to go anywhere without a glance at a smitten couple holding hands walking past you on the beach, a sweet old couple gazing into each others eyes over an ice-cream or a ‘so young they have only just got out of…

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