Best friends

How many of you have a best friend? That one person that you can always rely on to be there for you, through thick and thin, whatever life may throw at you. Pretty much everyone has got a best friend.

I have not.

Even when I had boyfriends, I was never their number one confidant; they still had their favourite pal that they would much rather go to watch the match with (although looking back perhaps this was a blessing in disguise).

I am not saying that I am a loner. I am not saying that I have no friends. In fact, I am lucky enough to have an incredible network of people who have been such a huge support to me, in particular, throughout my illness. They have gone above and beyond what would be expected, and for that I am truly thankful. But I have never had that one person that I can completely and utterly call my own. The one individual I could call at anytime, day or night, my one best friend.

I have always felt from a young age like the third wheel, the bit on the side. In Primary School, during games, whilst everyone else paired off with the same person, I would change my partner daily. At Secondary School when it was time to choose laboratory partners, everyone would couple off easily with that special someone, I would be searching round the room with my eyes for that other person like me. Even by the time I reached University, all my friends had their best friends visiting them from around the Country, I, on the other hand, did not.

Then again, I have got two sisters. As I am sure is the case with most siblings; growing up we had our fair share of tiffs and scuffles. However, in recent years they have truly become the two people I can wholly rely on. My two confidants. No matter what, I know they will always be there for me.

My sisters are my best friends.

Whilst I always used to feel like three was a disaster waiting to happen; with my sisters it is completely different.

Thinking about it, the reason it works is that we are all poles apart in almost every respect. Whilst one of us is scatty, another is over organised and the other is unbothered. This means that when we are all together, it works. I am so lucky to not only have sisters, but to have my sisters as the two people in the world that I know I can call any day at anytime about any thing. No matter what, I know, they will always be there for me. And, I know that I will always be there for them.

So, I suppose, when push comes to shove, perhaps a best friend is not necessarily someone that would do anything for you; instead it is someone that you know you would do anything for. And for me, that is my sisters.

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One thought on “Best friends

  1. I think a best friend is someone who you chose to be closest too and I also think people who just have that one person, never realise the amount of amazing people around in the world! 🙂 x

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