Back 2 School

The day I am writing this is the first day of September. The day you will be reading this we will be one whole week into September. Autumn is officially here.

I’m not sure about you, but personally, I feel that this summer has been somewhat of a let down. Yes, there were days when it was scorchingly hot; but I have eaten less burnt BBQ food than ever before, had to apply sunscreen minimal amounts of times and can count the number of ice-creams I’ve devoured on one hand.

Maybe summer is less extraordinary now I don’t have School to go back to in September; perhaps it is the knowledge of being on summer holiday that makes summer so special.

We all know what happens when the summer holidays are over though. You know it is nearly here when you see desperate mothers dragging their daughters around the shops, trying to come to an agreement on a skirt that is short enough and yet not too short. Then there are all the pens that every child utterly, desperately must have, because writing in one colour is absolutely not adequate. And don’t even get me started on shoes; I still have recurring nightmares about School shoe shopping. Every child knows that struggle when it comes to buying shoes. The Mother is desperate to get you a pair of sensible flat shoes from Clarks, whilst all you want is the latest platformed fashion item (growing up in the 90’s is probably very different from today). Mothers, I salute you.

When I look back at School I feel a mixture of emotions. I am saddened that it is over and yet thankful at the same time. I am disappointed that I didn’t work hard enough to achieve my full potential and yet delighted that my grades got me to where I am today. I am upset that I have lost touch with so many people and yet thrilled to have rekindled friendships with so many.

At School it is easy to become complacent with the ease of seeing friends everyday. When you enter the grown-up world this is no longer the case; you realise that it takes time, patience, and a whole lot of effort. This being said, it is most definitely worth the effort. Just last week, after nearly a decade, I met up with an old School friend. I am so thankful to have rekindled a friendship after nine years of nothing. It made me nostalgic to think back to how we used to be, and thrilled to give our friendship a second chance.

Truth be told, it is my old school friends that have really shone through and given me the support I so desperately needed during both my illness and throughout my recovery. Without them I would not be where I am today.

So, if there is one thing you do this September (other than witnessing the Mothers’ heroic shoe shopping escapades) make it this; reach out and renew that friendship. Put in the effort and give friendship that second chance.

3 thoughts on “Back 2 School

  1. Liz–yes, summer seems like it flew by for me too. Although it’s been unbelievably hot here, somehow it seems like just yesterday I was looking forward to working at camp again this year (fourth year in a row!). But I am ready to get back into the swing of things; going to work, having Wednesday nights at church back to normal and making sure the kid has finished homework. But take heart, lassie, summer will roll back around before we know it.

    • Don’t tell anyone this (they may judge me!) but I am actually very much looking forward to Winter, I can’t wait for nights in watching Downton Abbey by the fire with a hot chocolate! It also means that I can be lazy without feeling lazy, if that makes sense!! Hope you are well.

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