Beach body ready

There is something that I have wanted to write about for a long time but I have been putting off for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I do not want to make myself any more vulnerable than I already am. Sharing my inner most thoughts with you is something that I have found both invigorating and yet daunting at the same time.

Secondly, the topic is somewhat controversial. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter.

And last, but not least, I do not want to upset anyone. Whilst everyone is entitled to their own opinion I know that sometimes other people’s viewpoints can be distressing to hear.

Taking all that into consideration, I want to tell you my views on what it is to be beach body ready.

We have now officially made it to summer. The first of June has come and gone. All you women out there will know exactly what that means. That dreaded item of clothing that has been hidden away all winter is finally coming out to make an appearance, and with that the realisation that our bodies are going to be looked at by passing strangers for the next few months (in particular by those white van men who seem to have eyes in the back of their heads).

Everyone will be familiar with the ‘summer body’ campaigns that have posted on our facebook feeds, engulfing our twitter timelines and plastered all over every available wall in town. Even in my spin class at the gym the other day the instructor was shouting about getting ready for the summer, it is as though it is all anyone is thinking about. There has been a huge backlash against such campaigns, with certain individuals starting other campaigns against the whole idea of being beach body ready. Trolls have, in turn, taken in upon themselves to say the most horrible things to these women, who are only really trying to express that everyone is beautiful, no matter what their size.

It wasn’t until I met my friend Keely for the first time that I realised just how ridiculous all of this is. After having to have a colostomy when she was in hospital Keely has been left with a scar running right down her stomach. It was when she said to me that she couldn’t wait for the summer so that she can show off her scar that I realised just how idiotic we are all being.

Here is Keely’s beautiful scarred belly

keely tum

What does it matter if some of us have a thigh gap and others of us have legs that chafe? Who is to say that being flat chested is worse than having a voluptuous bosom?

Surely, as women, we should be sticking together. Who cares if someone is a size 0 and someone else is a size 20. Who cares if someone eats a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free diet and someone else eats takeout everyday.

Everyone is free to make their own choices. Everyone is in charge of their own life. Everyone’s bodies are their own bodies and in my eyes everyone, no matter what their size, shape or amount of scars, is beach body ready.

3 thoughts on “Beach body ready

  1. Another interesting post, thank you.

    I read a similarly-themed column by Melanie Reid recently (available here, but only if you’re a subscriber: As a tetraplegic, she describes the trauma of considering a trip to the beach in her current condition and laughs at the “silly indulgence” that was her previous concern about getting beach-ready prior to her accident.

    As she writes: “Dearest sisters and daughters, please listen to me: all you need to get ready for summer is the joy of knowing your body is healthy. Don’t worry about anything else… If your body’s not perfect, who cares.”

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