Girl Power

This Thursday I felt like throwing back to a bit of girl power.

Whilst there are now even more beautifully amazing, strong women in my life I wanted to let all of you know about these.

My Broken Brain


Growing up in the 90’s, when I see this picture two words come to mind:


Anyone that has spent any time with me will know that I am not your average girl. Feminism is not my thing. I love women and what being a woman stands for, but I have never got the whole “Women are better than Men” thing.

They say that “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, which links into today’s fact of the day…

  • On December 16th 1970 The first landing on Venus took place. USSR spacecraft Venera 7 was the first spacecraft to successfully land on Venus, as well as the first spacecraft to land on a planet and then transmit information back to Earth.


But are we really that different? And even if we are, are those differences important?

Instead of trying to determine which is the better sex, I wanted…

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