Twenty signs that you’re becoming a runner…

20. Your first thought in the morning is “how far shall I run today?”

morning run

19. You have forgotten what it feels like not to have pain in your hip flexers and tendonitis in places you didn’t know had tendons


18. You look forward to the Winter so that you can hide your blistered, bruised, disfigured feet away from the world


17. You cringe at the thought of spending £11.50 on a cinema ticket but are more than happy to fork out £100 for a race


16. You are ALWAYS hungry, and decide you are allowed to eat as much as you want, because you just burn it off anyway


15. You’re more likely to ask a stranger on the train if they run, to start a conversation, than what the time is


14. You own more sports bras than actual bras, and have been known to go for days without even opening your bra drawer

sports bra

13. Your instagram is filled with photos with squiggles on them, and you are always thinking about the best place to take your next running photo


12. Your first thought when you look outside and it is raining is “at least that will cool me down”


11. All you want for Christmas is lots of items made from spandex (and now I have discovered it – bamboo!)


10. Your last three purchases on your card were:

1. The new season Asics running shoes

2. A Mountain Warehouse fluorescent running jacket

3. The Paris Marathon


9. You have spent hours working on perfecting a flawless running playlist and know all the words to each of your power songs off by heart


8. You have memorised the running routes for every different mileage possible (and even worked out how to make them round numbers) in your area and given each one a special name


7. You can convert from miles to kilometers with ease (except when you get confused and think 7.5 is half of 13.1 rather than 6.5 and therefore can make no sense of what is what)


6. Your trainers cost more than any other pair of shoes you own, including that rather expensive pair you bought for only special occasions


5. You consider the phrase “it is all downhill from here” to be a positive thing


4. Your wardrobe is fit to burst with race day t-shirts and your laundry pile has more running kit in it than any other type of clothing


3. You decide to pack trainers over high heels for your weekend away in London

glass slipper

2. Your best retweets come from @nike


1. You can’t think of anything better than the freedom you get from going on a run, in the fresh air, traipsing through the mud and seeing the world

run quote

4 thoughts on “Twenty signs that you’re becoming a runner…

  1. Number one was a great one to end on. At the end of the day, if you have that one then all of the others are an added bonus. (Having said that, living in Devon will inevitably lead to number 5 being a big part of your running life – so many hills!)

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