The importance of community

When a brain is injured, one of the most common outcomes can be losing the ability to form new memories. Not being able to remember certain events from the past few years has been something that I have had to come to terms with. Last Sunday was an exception. It was one of those days that I will cherish for the rest of my life; no amount of injury to my brain will allow me to forget the special day. It wasn’t my wedding day, or the day I graduated from University, it was the day that I realised the importance of community.

Throughout my recovery, the village that I live in and those that reside there have been a tremendous support. From the rota that was written up to produce weekly meals for my family whilst I was in hospital, to the abundant amount of people that took the time to ask how I was getting on; my community went above and beyond what was expected of them. If it is possible to become a celebrity for being the ‘ill person’, I seem to have taken on this role within my neighbourhood. I can’t make the short walk to the shops without bumping into at least one person that will ask how I am getting on. This allows me to feel completely safe. For that, I am truly grateful.

Talking of celebrities, I tend to veer well clear of the news these days, it seems to me that it is filled with tales of woe and destruction, all that negativity, not healthy for the heart. When you turn on the telly and are faced with pictures of starving children, warring countries and a broken world, it leaves a sinking feeling in your stomach. It makes you feel helpless.

But, maybe we are not so helpless after all. Maybe, just maybe, we can stand up to this negativity. And that, for me, was what Sunday was all about.

We may live in a world where it is each man for itself, but on Sunday this was not the case at all. Sunday was the day when the whole community came together to scoff down scrummy waffles, tuck into scrambled egg on toast and give generously to help me close in on my £2014 in 2014 challenge. It was the day of the South Brent Breakfast Café.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with such an event, it is a time when the whole community comes together to raise money for a particular charity. I was lucky enough to have The Eden Dora Trust (a charity that helps children with encephalitis) as the chosen charity. Whilst everyone devoured their lovingly made breakfasts, listening to the delightful sounds of the Mum’s Quartet, a sense of community really filled the room.

For me, it was not the amount of money that was raised that made the day so special. For me, Sunday was a day I will remember and cherish as it showed me what people are really made of. Living in a community where everyone helps one another. The importance of community.

Here are some lovely pictures from the day:breakfast breakfast 5 breakfast 6 breakfast cafe breakfast cafe 2 breakfast cafe 3 breakfast cafe 4 breakfast cafe Ruth and Liz

Thank you to everyone – the day was a huge success and we managed to raise over £400, making me that bit closer to my £2014!!

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