Just Jump

“Just jump Lizzie, you could die tomorrow anyway.”


I was stood on what seemed to be an outrageously small ledge; I had somehow managed to clamber up, clad in my ludicrous bikini that was not designed with any sort of adventure sport in mind, about one third up Durdle Door. My legs were shaking, as Charlie would say “a little from cold, a lot from fear”. My heart was pounding. My time had come.


I peered over the edge into the turquoise depths below.


I curled my toes over the verge a little more.


I jumped in.



That rush that you feel, the air swishing through your hair, you hold your breath, seconds feel like minutes, and then smack, bang, you hit the water. One word to describe the whole ordeal would be invigorating; another would be reckless.

This would not have been the first time that I was reckless. Growing up my own personal catchphrase was “come on, let’s go!” always eager to explore what the world had to offer. This quite often lead to some rather sticky situations, such as the time when I lead my little sister down a cliff face, as for some reason, I truly believed following a dog was the best idea in the world. When my parents found us dangling at some height and hanging on to some sort of plantation for dear life I think I realised this was perhaps not the best idea in the world.


Since coming out of Hospital I seem to have mellowed, and that is an understatement. Being wrapped in bubble wrap for the past few years has left me feeling secure yet a little jaded. Of course, it was for my own good. Just two years ago I was still having to hold onto my sister as we walked the mile circuit around the Village, not only that, but we had to stop every 50 yards in case I fainted. My poor family and friends have had to give up so much to make sure I’m safe.

But perhaps it is time to adjust; maybe it is time to take on more adventures. As the youth of today would say “YOLO”, and for the not youth of today that apparently means you only live once. For me, this cuts even deeper. Whilst I cannot remember the ins and outs of it I know that I have already died, a few times in fact, and now I am alive again.


It was strange, as I was standing, peering into the sparkling sea below just one thought was racing through my mind, this time just three years ago I was in an induced coma, unresponsive, unknowing. Who would have thought that in just three years I would be here, let alone here in Dorset, jumping off Durdle Door.

So yes, I could die tomorrow, but so could you, so perhaps it is time to adjust. Perhaps it is time to take on some more adventures. That is exactly what I am going to do.


“Come on, Let’s go!”


It was such a beautiful day, I had to share some photos with you!



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