Merry Farter’s Day


Yes Farter’s Day NOT Father’s Day.

When we were younger, the School used to send home forms for our parents to sign to give permission for School trips. My Dad has never lived down the time when he filled in the section “Relationship to Child” with “Farter”.

Easy mistake to make.

Unfortunate mistake to make.

Could have been “Fatter” or “Rather” or “Faster” but no, my Dad chose “Farter”.


Tomorrow everyone will be expressing how they have ‘the best Dad in the whole wide world’, I’m not sure how this can be true for every Dad as I’m pretty much certain that I have the BEST Dad in the Whole Wide World.

It struck me this week how dissimilar Mother’s Day and Father’s Day actually are.

Cast your mind back to Mother’s Day. You couldn’t walk down the high street without being bombarded by reminders telling you to love your mum.


Each flower you buy her expresses the amount you love her.

Each chocolate you buy her expresses the amount you appreciate her.

Each bottle of champers you buy her expresses the amount you love spending time with her.

But have a look around now.

How many reminders are out there to tell you to love your Dad?

I have always wondered why this is the case. Is it harder to be a Mum than a Dad? Do Mothers do more for their children than Fathers? Is a Ma more important than a Pa?

I realise that as a Mother you carry the baby through pregnancy, feed the baby, and love the baby.


But it is the father that has to carry the mother through pregnancy, feed the mother, and love the mother.

It appears that Javed Kahn agrees. As the Chief Executive of Barnrdos he explains the huge difference that fathers can make to their children’s lives.

So surely it is imperative to get your Dad something for Father’s Day.

Or at least show him that you care??

Binky (the brains of Made in Chelsea) suggests that we all go out and splash the cash on pampering products, ranging from a posh Raplhie Perfume set  to a Givinchy Lotion and Potion

Personally, I am not sure my cavemanlike father will appreciate these rather expensive and womanafied gifts.

And it is no good getting him the same as Mum, he would prefer a lawn mower to a posy of flowers, a cigar to a box of chocolates and a six-pack of larger to a bottle of champagne.

It gets rather boring when you have to buy the same gift over and over again for Birthday, Christmas and Father’s Day, so this year I am going to be inventive.


Earlier in the year I was lucky for my parents to take me on a skiing holiday. My Dad spent hours huddled over a computer to find a good deal, made sure that I would feel relaxed by booking us into a chalet and enabled me to take time out to have naps when it all got too much on the slopes.

It got me thinking, how many other Dads do you know that would drive from Devon to Dover, get the overnight Ferry to France, then carry on driving for almost 24 hours to Andorra just so that their children can learn to ski. As if that is not enough, he then drove an hour each morning and evening to the slopes. Now that is dedication. Dedication to giving your children the best start in life.

So many other times come to mind.

  • When he spent all his free time helping me learn how to ride a bike, he told me he was still holding on to my bike but I was actually riding all by myself, teaching me to believe in myself.
  • When I used to wait by the gate for him to come home from work, and still dressed in his suit he would play football with us in the back garden.
  • When I wanted to learn how to throw a Javelin and he took me down to the Recreational Ground with bamboo canes and spent the whole afternoon showing me the technique he used to use.
  • When I turned 17 and he spent hours taking me out driving, and even put up with me almost driving into lampposts, signalling in the wrong directions and slamming on the brakes at inappropriate times.
  • When I went through my first break up and he made me realise that I deserved better.
  • When I was in Rehab and he sat with me whilst I tried to play cribbage with the whole pack of cards and yet he let me carry on to the end.
  • When I decided to take part in the Great North Run and he drove me all the way up to Newcastle, and then rushed around during the race to make sure he was there at both the start and then end, learning how to use the Metro as an added bonus.
  • When I wanted a new phone and he spent the whole of his day off with me in the Apple store just staying by my side.
  • When I was crying and feeling sorry for myself and he hugged me and told me everything will be better.
  • When he told me he was proud of me.

Patience, Kindness and Understanding.

My FaRther is these things and so much more.

Therefore I have made him a little something.

I can’t work out how to upload it to this post…so you will have to check out the next post to see it!

Thank You Daddy Oldershaw.


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