, You Confound Me.

This pretty much sums up online dating for me too…although dating in Devon appears to be even harder…

30 IS THE NEW... Oh Never Mind.

Wink.  Like Photo.  Favorite.  Instant Message.  Email Message.

These are my options for making some sort of contact with another individual on, as far as I can tell in about a week of trying out this particular online dating venue. I got back in the saddle just to be thrown off by terminology.

So in this first week of navigating Match, I have emailed/replied, ignored an alarming number of winkyface-hey emails, and have a first date set up for next week. (That I am rather “meh” about, but that’s another tale.) I have also received a fair number of winks, likes, favorite-ing and IM requests.

I am not sure if there are too many types of contact options or too few. I don’t know what any of them really mean or how I am supposed to feel when they happen.  I am confused. I just don’t get it.

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