World Encephalitis Day

A great blog from another NMDA sufferer Deborah Yap, raising awareness on World Encephalitis Day



22 February 2014

Today is World Encephalitis Day.

As a supporter, my aim is to raise awareness, connect with you readers and ensure that you understand all about Encephalitis.

For most of you, it may be the first time coming across this word ‘Encephalitis’.

Encephalitis is the acute inflammation/swelling up of the brain resulting either from a viral infection or when the body’s own immune system mistakenly attacks brain tissue. There are several types of Encephalitis, one of which is Auto Immune Encephalitis.

It occurs when the immune system attacks the healthy organs and tissues as if they were foreign. Instead of useful antibodies that attack infections or harmful foreign substances, the immune system may produce antibodies directed at normal body tissue causing problems with normal function.

What are some symptoms to look out for?

Well, a minor one would be headaches, fever and it worsens to seizures, confusion, loss…

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